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Replica Hublot Big Bang 38mm Diamond Bezel White Strap Watch

The official partner of the European Cup in 2020 and the Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT, together with young actor and singer Hou Minghao, officially unveiled the limited-time concept BAR of Replica Hublot Watches in the Vientiane City of Shenyang. It coincides with the 10th anniversary of Vientiane City. As the first luxury watch brand to cooperate with the football field, Hublot is dedicated to creating a limited-time concept BAR with the theme of the European Cup, an extraordinary space and interactive installations with avant-garde personality, to bring fans Come to the passionate and immersive experience of watching the game, together with witnessing every glorious moment on the green field, once again set off another summer carnival in Shengjing.

The European Cup competition is in full swing. As the elite teams compete in fierce competition, Replica Hublot Watch gives full play to its outstanding talents and brings Shengjing fans immersive experience with the avant-garde European Cup limited-time concept BAR and hot-blooded football-themed interactive installations. Such surging passion vividly demonstrates the brand concept of “Hublot loves football”. Hublot European designer watches specially set up a comic interactive installation with the same theme of the European Cup on site, allowing participants to simply imitate the screen posture to become the protagonist of the stadium and appreciate the passionate moments on the green field.

Replica Hublot Wathes

Hublot loves football’ is more than just a slogan! Football can be said to be the source of power for the rotation of Hublot’s hands! In the past June, Replica Hublot Watches launched the BIG BANG e 2020 Euro CupTM smart watch, which provides fans and friends with an extraordinary real-time watching experience through a personalized virtual stadium on the wrist. In addition, Hublot has always been committed to the support and development of football, which has been consistent for more than a decade. “

Replica Hublot Wathes

Hublot’s relationship with the European Cup began in 2008. As the official timekeeper of the European Cup, the brand also launched the new BIG BANG e 2020 European CupTM smart watch. The new model is equipped with an exclusive football application, users can understand the real-time situation of the game, and can also view the player lineup, player rankings and their position on the stadium, providing fans and friends with an extraordinary real-time watching experience. Replica Hublot Watch has also equipped all referees who enforce the European Cup competition with a special edition BIG BANG e referee smart watch. In addition, the stoppage time substitution card used by the fourth official on the green field also adopted Hublot’s iconic color scheme.

Replica Hublot Wathes

Hublot even presented the “Hublot Loves Football” WeChat Mini Program to fans and friends before the game. Not only can you enjoy the fun of guessing, but you can also have the opportunity to win a number of European Emperor Gifts, which once again enhances the fans’ sense of participation. Players use the European spirit value to participate in quiz predictions through the mini program, and sprint to the European spirit list. Players who sprint successfully will have the opportunity to obtain many more including signature jerseys, Hublot custom football, PS5 and iQiyi Sports Football Membership Annual Card.